Interface Explores Scale, Pattern, Texture & Transitions with New Carpet Tile and LVT Collections

June 12, 2023

Global Flooring Manufacturer Highlights Unique Pairings of Aesthetics and Materials, Illustrating How Its Full Flooring System Meets Space-Specific Needs

Interface®, the global flooring solutions company where everything is certified carbon neutral, continues its commitment to product design and innovation with the launch of two new carpet tile collections – Lost Palms™ and Woven Gradience™ – and the introduction of the new Silk Complex™ LVT collection. With these collections, Interface continues to empower designers with choices in materiality and design details that can significantly influence how people experience a space.

Interface's Chicago showroom located at 345 North Wells Street. (Photo: Business Wire)

Interface's Chicago showroom located at 345 North Wells Street. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Because flooring is one of the largest surfaces in interiors, it can serve as a blank canvas on which designers can truly design; this means flooring selection can have a huge impact on the mood and intention of a space,” said Nigel Stansfield, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Interface. “We view these three new collections as more than just products – they are design tools that work as a system, enabling our customers to easily play with scale, texture, color, pattern, and more, to create a floor that addresses the emotional, organizational, and performance needs of their project.”

Lost Palms Carpet Tile Collection: Rugged Beauty for Interior Landscapes

Intentionally designed to capture the natural beauty of the American southwest, the Lost Palms carpet tile collection features nine styles that offer stone-inspired visuals, sizeable scale, and large graphic patterns. Designed by David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs and product designer exclusive to Interface, Lost Palms is a truly monumental collection that celebrates biophilic design, with visuals that evoke everything from metamorphic rock formations to the distinctive Joshua tree.

Lost Palms includes five foundational styles – Jumbo Rock™, Cap Rock™, Keys View™, Desert Veins™, and Ribbon Rock™ – that provide a more literal interpretation of rocky terrain in 1 m x 1 m and 50 cm x 1 m formats – all helping to mimic the grandeur of the region.

The collection also includes four accent styles that enable designers to explore more whimsical patterns in earthy colors. Desert Ranch™ from Interface delivers a highly textured, classic southwestern look that is perfect for zone creation, while three companion styles from the company’s specialty design brand, FLOR® -- Yucca Tree™, Valley View™, and Desert Tree™ -- usher in a modern, Palm Springs aesthetic that gives off a mid-century vibe.

Silk Complex LVT Collection: Transition to Next-Level Sophistication

Building on Interface’s long history of creating carpet tile transitions with pattern, color, and texture, Silk Complex is the company’s first LVT collection to use a system of products to create transitions across the floor. Designed by Kari Pei, Interface’s vice president of global product design, the collection reflects the ongoing evolution of the LVT flooring category by showcasing a sophisticated, brushed matte texture that is reminiscent of silk fabric as well as metallic accents.

Silk Complex includes three products – Shantung™, Dither Silk™, and Silk Age™ – that work beautifully on their own, or they can be combined for a more dramatic effect across the floorscape. Shantung delivers graceful simplicity with a matte texture inspired by woven silk, while Silk Age offers a gilded look that brings light-capturing moments to the floor. Dither Silk introduces a dappling of metallic flecks and serves as a bridge between the two other styles. Together, these products offer versatility through refined transitions that can be dialed up or down in intensity according to a designer’s preference.

Woven Gradience: Color and Texture Combine for Effortless Transitions

Bringing the warmth and comfort associated with woven textiles to interior spaces, the Woven Gradience carpet tile collection pairs classic handwoven aesthetics with an elegant color palette.

Featuring two products, the collection helps to elicit emotion with subtle spectrums of color made up of delicate, organic striations. This allows neutral tones to softly merge into other neutrals, creating a gentle gradient across the floor that can convey intention. Designers may also infuse invigorating contrast into a space with bolder color choices to help delineate zones or to establish wayfinding.

Product Sustainability: Low-Carbon Materials Help Decarbonize Interiors

As the sustainability leader in commercial flooring, Interface remains committed to decarbonizing the built environment. With a continued focus on transforming its factories, products, and supply chain, the company continues to reduce its overall emissions while helping customers lower the carbon footprints of the spaces they create. Like Interface’s entire flooring portfolio, all three of the company’s launches are carbon neutral across their full product lifecycle through the third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.

Interface designs its products with the Earth in mind using low-carbon materials, and this has led the company’s carpet tile to have the lowest carbon footprint in the commercial flooring industry – before offsets. Interface’s carpet tile and LVT introductions also reflect this approach -- Lost Palms and Woven Gradience are made with 100% recycled content nylon, and Silk Complex, like all Interface LVT, is made with 39% recycled content.

Lost Palms, Silk Complex, and Woven Gradience are all featured in Interface’s Chicago showroom at 345 North Wells Street. Visitors can explore the new collections, plus products from FLOR and nora® rubber flooring, in a tastefully curated setting inspired by southwestern architecture and design elements. The company will share imagery and videos highlighting the space’s design on its social media channels.

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Interface is third-party certified as a Carbon Neutral Enterprise. We neutralized our carbon impact across our entire business, including all operations and our full value chain, marking an important milestone toward our objective to become a restorative and carbon negative enterprise by 2040.

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